Faculty of Engineering

At EU Engineering faculty, we creatively apply science, mathematical methods, and empirical evidence to innovate and solve engineering problems relevant to our society
  1. Civil Engineering
  2. Electrical and Electronics Engineering
  3. Mechanical Engineering
  4. Automotive Engineering
  5. Computer Engineering
  6. Information and Communication Technology
DEAN : Professor Olufemi Koya




Research Area


Prof. Adeniran Isola OLUWARANTI


(Sabbatical Staff)

B.Sc. (Hons) M.Sc. Ph.D. (Ife), COREN Regd. (R9538), MCPN

Digital System Design; Pervasive Computing and Internet of Things; Mobile Computing Architecture

Prof. Olatian AKINSANMI



((Sabbatical Staff)

B.Sc. (Ado) M.Sc. Ph.D. (Zaria)  COREN Regd. (R14063)

Communication Engineering

Dr. Olugbenga Kayode OGIDAN

Senior Lecturer

((Full-Time Staff)

B.Eng. (Ado Ekiti), M.Eng. (Akure), D.Tech. (Cape Town), COREN Regd. (R20748)

Networked Control Systems, Robust control, Real-time Systems, Embedded Systems

Dr. Kehinde Olusesan TEMIKOTAN

Lecturer I

(Full-Time Staff)

B.Sc. (Ife); PGD (Akure) M.Sc. (Akure); PhD. (Akure); NSE; COREN  Regd. (R6504)

Power Systems Engineering

Dr Razak Olusegun


Lecturer I

(Full-Time Staff)

BSc (Ife); MSc (Manchester);

PhD (Manchester); COREN (R35771)

Control Systems Engineering

Dr. Daniel Oluwaseun AKINYELE

Lecturer I

(Full-Time Staff )

B.Sc. (Ibadan); M.Sc. (Loughborough); PhD. (Wellington); NSE; COREN  Regd. (R25046)

Renewable Energy System; Green Energy System

Dr. Akinwumi Abimbola


Lecturer I

(Full-Time Staff)

BSc (Ogbomoso); MSc (KTH, Sweden & UGENT, Belgium);

Dr. Eng. (Magdeburg, Germany);

NSE & COREN (in view)

Communication Engineering, Optical Communication Systems and Networks

Engr. Ola  Austin


Lecturer II

(Full Time Staff)

B.Eng. (Akure); M.Eng. (Akure); NSE, COREN Regd. (R42603)

Reliability of Electric Power; Distribution Systems; and Power Generation

Engr. Abiodun


Lecturer II

(Full-Time Staff)

B.Tech (Ogbomoso); M.Sc. (Milton Keynes); IET; NSE;  COREN  Regd. (R41130)

Embedded Systems Development; Image Processing; Machine Learning; Wireless Sensor Networks

Line Following Robot

A line-following robot is demonstrated by three students of the Department of Electrical & Electronics Engineering, Elizade University. The line-following robot is one of the practicals of the Electrical & Electronics laboratory course. This demonstration was embarked upon to extend our knowledge and explore our interest in Control Systems & Robotics. This demonstration illustrates some key control algorithms used in line-following robots i.e. two-stage strategy-based algorithm, three-stage strategy-based algorithm, proportional control algorithm and the proportional-derivative control algorithm. There was not enough time for the rehearsal of the video recording, hence the apparent distractions due to use of flashcards. Please, enjoy!

Inaugural Faculty Seminar

The Faculty holds a range of seminars in HM 203 at the Faculty building during term time. These seminars are open to all and are designed to feature senior academics on a monthly basis, with the views, among others, to:

  • Stimulating cross-fertilization of intellectual knowledge, with the possibility of evolving inter-disciplinary research/activity groups
  • Mentoring younger academics and future postgraduate students in conducting productive researches.

The younger academics make presentations fortnight after a senior academic presents.

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