EU Sports Centre engages its Community in various Recreational and Competitive programmes round the year, this includes :             

  • Nigerian Private University Games.
  • Nigeria Universities Golf Tour
  • EU- Football League
  • Convocation Games
  • EU Games
  • Founder's Day Competition

Indoor & Outdoor Facilities (Gym and Fitness Centre, Golf Course (18Holes))

Available Sports club includes :
  • EU Football Club
  • EU Basketball Club
  • EU Volleyball Club
  • EU Tennis Club
  • EU Table Tennis Club
  • EU Badminton Club
  • EU Chess Club
  • EU Scrabble Club
  • EU Swimming Club
  • EU Athletics Club

EU has two categories of Sports Scholarship 

1. Pro-Chancellor's Stairs Climbing Scholarship
    (The fastest Student to Climb the Stairs at the stipulated number of times)
    Benefit- 1 Year full tuition for Male and Female Categories

2. Founder's Golf Scholarship
    (This is given to the Best Student Golfer at the end of the annual Competition)
     Benefit- 1 Year full tuition for Male and Female Categories

Restrictions to Participation:

  1. Final Year Student cannot participate
  2. A student that is on Scholarship Programme cannot participate
  3. Student who has been found guilty of questionable Character by the Disciplinary Committee.
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