Welcome to Elizade University a place to be. The University is in a prime landscaped site in Ondo State, offering students the opportunity to study in an attractive environment that is conducive for productive learning. Explore the diverse sources of knowlegde; from nature to creativity to world wide web environment. A secure environemnt with adequate medical facilities.

At Elizade University we offer a comprehensive orientation programme of events to help our student transit into the University environment easily

Our Engineering programs offers a wide range of research strengths that enables the integration of engineering ‘theory’ and ‘experiment’ in our various workshops.

Our Virtual library has an extensive online resources that is available 24/7 for research late at night or hitting the books wherever you are, get the resources you need online.

Enjoy a wireless internet coverage

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Our Facilities

In Elizade University, students are exposed to cutting edge educational facilities and technologies and not just the traditional educational practices. All classrooms are equipped with state-of-the-art audio-visual equipment, while students have access to wireless and local area networks, plus online resources. The University introduced a flipped classroom which has changed how students study and the expectations of what happens during a lecture. One approach to flipped teaching is the use of technology to present the more didactic aspects of a lecture in advance with supporting activities to be followed up in the face to face sessions.

Studios and Workshops

Elizade University provides fully equipped laboratories and workshops to enhance its pure and applied sciences as well as its engineering programmes. The Pure and Applied Sciences, as well as all the Engineering programmes are supported by different state of the art laboratories and workshops across the faculties on campus.