GNE 551 - Engineering Law and Management

3 Unit(s)

Law of contracts for Engineers: offer, acceptance, communication termination. General principles of criminal law. Law of torts: definition, classification and liabilities. Patents: requirements, application, and infringement. Registered designs: application, requirements, types and infringement. Company law. Labour law and Industrial Law Principles of organization; elements of organization; management by objectives. Financial management, accounting methods, financial statements, cost planning and control, budget and budgetary control. Depreciation accounting and valuation of assets. Personnel management, selection, recruitment and training, job evaluation and merit rating. Industrial psychology. Resource management; contracts, interest formulae, rate of return. Methods of economic evaluation. Planning decision making; forecasting, scheduling. Production control. Gantt Chart, CPM and PERT. Optimization, linear programming as an aid to decision making, transport and materials handling. Raw materials and equipment. Facility layout and location. Basic principles of work-study. Principles of motion economy. Ergonomics in the design of equipment and process.