ELP 101 - Entrepreneurial Leadership I

2 Unit(s)

Entrepreneurial Leadership (EL) is one of four courses that makes up the Leadership Core programme. In this course, students will be made to explore the intersection between great leaders and entrepreneurial thinking. The Entrepreneurial Leadership course seeks to empower students with mind-sets and skills essential for success as a self-starting individual with the capability to lead and engage with others, create impactful solutions in the communities they live in, and create positive impact and transformation in Africa. The hallmark of the EL course content is using experiential learning, reflection and practical application to develop leadership, teamwork, and problem solving skills. The course content includes topics such as learning about emotional intelligence as a key skill for any entrepreneurial leader, there will also be lessons about how to identify PICS (Passions, Interests, Causes, Skills). Students will also learn about creative problem solving technique called Human Centered Design. Students will also be exposed to the concept of empathy and how it plays a major role in everyday life. Prototyping and Continuous Iteration will also be taught.