EEE 354 - Electromagnetic Waves

2 Unit(s)

Time-varying magnetic and electric fields; Maxwell’s equation (in rectangular co-ordinates and vector- calculus notation): Derivation of Maxwell’s equations; Applications of Maxwell’s equations. Dielectric, conductors and ionized media. Propagation of electromagnetic waves in free space and in material media. Solution of wave equations. Speed and energy of electromagnetic waves; Poynting vector; boundary conditions, uniqueness theorem, image method. Wave propagation in dielectric media; wave propagation in good conductors, skin effect. Simple class demonstrations. Introduction to transmission lines, wave- guides and optic fibres. Transmission line theory including wave-guides, strip lines, and resonators. Smith’s Chart. Radiating elements. Introduction to RF design, antenna design and theory. Application examples that employ electromagnetic phenomena for signals and power transmission in RF, microwaves, optical and wireless communication systems. Design project.