CPE 353 - Low Level Language Programming

3 Unit(s)

Introduction: language level of abstraction and effect on the machine, characteristics of machine code, advantages, justification of machine code programming, instruction set and dependency on underlying processor. Intel 8086 microprocessor assembly language programming: Programming model as resources available to the programmer, addressing modes, instruction format, instruction set- arithmetic, logical, string, branching, program control, machine control, input/output etc; assembly directives, hand- assembling, additional 80x86/Pentium instructions. Modular programming. Interrupt and service routine. Interfacing of assembly language to C. Intel 80x87 floating-point programming. Introduction to MMX and SSE programming. Motorola 680x0 assembly language programming. Extensive practical engineering problems solving in assembly language using MASM for Intel, and cross-assembler for Motorola.