PPL 204 - Reproductive and Health Law II

4 Unit(s)

Legal aspects of reforms in health care issues. (a) informed consent; right to die; right to treatment; issues in medical malpractice; HIV/AIDs etc. (b) doctor – patient relationship; including interface of moral; ethical and legal problems in modern medicine (c) health care institutions … emphasis on recent developments e.g. National Health Insurance Scheme (NHIS) (d) the “cost” of health care delivery: new payment methods, status/rights, implications of NHIS for medical care (e) comparative national health care reforms, policies and laws. Medical Torts, Criminality in Medical Practice, the Moral, Ethical and Legal limits of Bio-Medical Research. Forensic Issues in Psychology and Psychiatry e.g. Matters Relating to Evidence, Causation, etc, Legal Issues in Forensic Bio-Chemistry, Epidemiology, Biological and Chemical Warfare, constitutional matters and issues in International Law.