CPE 453 - Microprocessor Technology and Interfacing

3 Unit(s)

A basic microprocessor system: the CPU, memory, I/O, and buses subsystem, basic operation of a microprocessor subsystem: fetch and execute cycle, the architecture of some typical 8-bit, 16-bit microprocessors (INTEL, MOTOROLA) and their features. Programming model in real mode: registers, memory, addressing modes. Organisation of the interrupt system, interrupt vectors, and external interrupts, implementation of single and multiple interrupts in real mode.. Memory interfacing and address decoding. I/O interfacing: memory mapped i/o, isolated i/o, bus timing, i/o instructions. Peripheral devices interfacing: 8255 PPI/6821PIA, 8251, USART/6821, UART, DMA, Timer/Counter chips etc. instruction set. Assembly Language Programming of INTEL and ARM microprocessor. Discussion of typical system e.g. IBM PC, Apple Macbook.