EEE 359 - Analog Circuits & Devices

3 Unit(s)

The BJT transistor, its characteristics (AC-DC load lines), small signal amplifier, single-stage transistor amplifiers using BJTS and FETs, equivalent circuit and calculation of current gain, voltage gain, power gain, input and output impedance, CB, CC, CE configurations, multi-stage amplifier using BJTs and FETs, small-signal analysis and large-signal analysis. Semiconductor devices – models, characteristics and applications, small signal amplifiers. Audio amplifiers, class A, AB, B, C, and push-pull design. Operational Amplifiers: Parameters and applications, feedback, oscillators, power amplifiers, high- frequency amplifier, tuned amplifier, broadband and narrow-band amplifiers, power amplifiers, differential amplifiers, voltage and current stabilizing circuit, voltage amplifiers. Laboratory-based project to include applications in communication systems.