CPE 565 - Cryptography Principles and Applications

2 Unit(s)

History of cryptographic System, Public Key Systems, Digital Signatures. Information Theory: Entropy, Perfect Secrecy, Unicity Distance, Complexity Theory, NP-Completeness, Number Theory. Data Encryption Methods: Transposition Ciphers, Substitution Ciphers, Product Ciphers, Exponentiation Ciphers, Knapsack Ciphers, Breakable NP-Complete Knapsack, Encryption Standards DES, RSA, Elliptic Curves. Cryptographic Techniques: Block and Stream Ciphers, Autokey, Endpoints of Encryption, One-way Ciphers, Password and Authentication, Secret Keys and Public Keys, Threshold Scheme. Video scrambling techniques. Digital video encryption techniques: principle, IRDETO, Viaccess, Videoguard, etc. Security and Legality Issues: Copyrights, Patents, Trade Secret, Ownership of Products, Computer Crimes, Ethical Issue in Computer Security.