CPE 360 - Object-Oriented Programming

3 Unit(s)

Basic Object-Oriented Programming (OOP) concepts: Classes, Objects, inheritance, polymorphism, Data Abstraction, tools for developing and design principles. Data types and operators associated with an OOP. Java syntax and data objects. Compiling, interpreting and debugging Java programs, Central flow constructs, objects and classes programming, Arrays, methods. Exceptions, Applets and Abstract, OLE, Persistence, development of Graphical User Interface (GUI) programs, using Abstract Window Toolkit (AWT). Thread concept: Thread methods, thread states, thread priorities and thread scheduling, thread synchronization, daemon threads, runnable interface, thread groups. Multimedia Applications: Loading, Displaying and Scaling Images, Introduction to Animation, Graphics Double Buffering, Media Tracker, Loading and Playing Audio Clips, Customizing Applets, Image Maps. Network programming: Introduction, Manipulating URLs, Establishing a Simple Server, Establishing a Simple Client, Client/Server Interactions, Security and the Network. Basic engineering circuits’ design using OOP.