PPL 401 - Land/Property Law I

4 Unit(s)

Introduction: (a) legal notions of property (Law Relating to Chattels (Personal Property); the Law Relating to Incorporeal Property (Choses in Action); and Land Law) (b) historical evolution of land law in Nigeria (c) sources of Nigerian land law (d) terminology – ownership, possession, titles, rights, liability, land, etc. Customary land law/Islamic land law: (a) modes of acquiring title to land, settlement; expansion; loan or borrowing; pledge or pawn; gift; conquest, allotment, kola tenancy (b) concept and ownership of land: (i) nature of title to land (ii) control and management of community land – individual rights and extent of community land today (iii) creation of family land – nature and extent of member’s right in family land; control of family land, alienation of family land, recovery of family land, Improvement by a member of family land, termination of family land (iv) an outline of succession to rights in land.