CHM 101 - General Chemistry I

3 Unit(s)

Atoms, atomic structures, atomic theory, atomic spectra, Aufbau method, Hund’s rule, Pauli Exclusion principles, Periodicity and periodic table, molecules, chemical equation and stoichiometry Rates of chemical reaction, energetics Thermochemistry and simple calculations involving Hess’s law, Bonding and intermolecular forces, Hybridization and shapes of molecules (Valence Forces; structure of Solids; molecular and ionic forces). Metals and extraction of metals, The Chemistry of selected metals and non- metals Chemical equilibrium reactions, Properties of gases, solutions, Redox reactions, Introduction to Electro-chemistry, electrolytic and galvanic cells, Fuel cells, electrode potential, half-cell equation. Faraday laws of electrolysis, Corrosion. Colligative properties, corrosion, Acid, Bases and salts, Introduction to Radioactivity