PHY 102 - General Physics II

3 Unit(s)

Electrostatics: Conservation law of electric charges, electrons and electrostatics, Coulomb’s law, electric field and forces, electric field line, electric dipoles charged particles in an electric field, charge and electric flux, Gauss’s law and its applications, electric potential, electric potential due to a single charge, electric potential due to a dipole, electric potential due to continuous charge distribution equipotential surfaces. Conductors and currents: electric current, resistors and resistance, electric power, capacitors in series and parallel, energy storage in capacitors and electric field energy, Gauss’s law in dielectrics. Magnetism: magnetic field, magnetic field lines and magnetic flux, motion of a charged particles in a magnetic field, magnetic force on a current carrying conductor, Ampere’s law, Biot-Savart law, electromagnetic induction, inductance, self-inductance, mutual inductance, Maxwell’s equation, electromagnetic waves and oscillations.