PIL 414 - Public International Law II

4 Unit(s)

State jurisdiction: territorial waters and airspace, international servitudes and waterways. International Agreements: nature, entry into force, ratification, reservations, interpretation and discharge. International organisations (a) the United Nations and its charter – specialized agencies; disputes; pacific and non – pacific methods of settlement (b) the Organization of African Unity/African Union (c) ECOWAS; war and neutrality: position of belligerent forces and civilians in war (d) the Hague and Geneva Conventions; economic warfare – on land, sea and in the air; effects of outbreak of war – persons, actions, contracts, treaties; the legal capacity to use force – states, recognized belligerents and U.N (e) the legal claims to make war and U.N. Charter obligations (f) Position of neutrals, punishment of war crimes: Nuremberg Trials.