PPL 408 - Law of Consumer and Protection II

4 Unit(s)

Civil Liability for Defective Products: Meaning of Product Defect - Defect in Contract, Defect in Tort, Defect under Statute. Who is liable for product defect? - the Manufacturer, the Distributor, the Retailer; Defences in product liability cases – warning, user’s negligence or frolic, compliance with statutory standards, exclusion clauses, the act of a third party, other defences. Civil Enforcement of Consumer Rights: Enforcement under the Law of Tort - the Tort of Negligence, Meaning of Negligence, Existence of Duty of Care, Breach of Duty by Care, Consequential Damage, the Principle of Causation, Standard of Care, Burden of Proof, Recoverable Damage. Enforcement under the Law of Contract: Implied Terms in Contracts for Sale of Goods, Exclusion and Limiting Clauses, Unfair Terms in Consumer Contracts, Meaning of Unfair Terms, Freedom of Contract, Standard Form Contracts, Legal Control of Unfair Terms. Consumers in the Digital Age: E-Commerce.