CPE 352 - Computer Architecture and Organization

3 Unit(s)

Computer Fundamentals: Development history of computer hardware and software. Hardwired vs. Stored Program Concept. Von-Neumann Architecture. Harvard Architecture: principle of operation, advantages, disadvantages. Single Address Machine. Contemporary Computers. Computer system: block diagram, functions, examples, dataflow, control line. Introduction to CISC and RISC architecture: principle of operation, merits, demerits. Storage and Input/Output Systems: computer function (fetch and execute cycles), interrupts, interconnection structures (bus structure and bus types), overview of memory system, memory chip organization and error correction, cache memory, memory storage devices. Overview of I/O, programmed and interrupt-driven I/Os, DMA, I/O channel and I/O processor. Control unit: micro-operations, control of the CPU, hardwired implementation, control unit operation, micro-instruction sequencing and execution, micro-programmed control.