Martin Osawaru OMORODION
HOD, Department of Business Administration

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What We Do

Welcome to the Department of Business Administration. The Department is aimed at developing the students for current and future challenges in the world of business. In this sense, the curriculum of the department is designed to prepare the students for challenges with the knowledge and skills to become effective leaders and decision makers in the ever-changing world. The department is blessed with energetic and highly qualified academics with several years of experiences in both local and international academics and industry. The department focuses on local and global perspectives of business dynamics with significant emphasis on the pragmatic application of knowledge. Our graduates will not only have the knowledge but also the ability to apply what they have learnt to the needs of the business community. The specific objectives and aspirations of the department are to: i) Inculcate in our students the conceptual knowledge of the methodologies and processes for understanding the economic, financial, ethical, social, legal and other environmental influences that impact on business and industry. ii) Develop the skills needed for recognizing, analysing and taking appropriate action-oriented decisions on the challenges of business and community at large. iii) Foster in the students an awareness of and sensitivity to the dynamics of doing business in a globalised world. iv) Develop leadership and relationship building skills which are needed for working with organizational stakeholders. v) Develop clear principles and values to guide ethical conduct both at the individual and corporate levels of organizations.


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