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The Department of English was established in 2012 as one of the pioneering departments in the Faculty of Humanities. It has a four-year degree programme in English (Language and Literature). It also has a three-year degree programme for students who have obtained admission through direct application. The programme is designed to provide a broad-based exposure of students to the English Language and Literature in English in their first two years that will orientate them towards greater specialisation in their last two years. The first year is structured so as to expose the students, at the introductory stage, to appropriate and creative use of English as well as literary appreciation and analyses of the various literary genres. The second year is aimed at a progressive learning and development of more effective and efficient communication skills in English as well as achieving and utilizing the tools for analysis of the texts of both English Language and Literature. Courses are, thus, designed in a way that allows the students to specialise in either language or literature in spite of their inherent complementation. The last two years launch the students into more specialised acquisition of functional skills utilisable for the local and international labour markets in the areas of the English Studies and Literature in English, thus, preparing them for specific professions, as well as creation of own jobs.


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