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What We Do

We teach students to acquire a Bachelor of Arts degree in International Relations. This is to produce a flow of competent and confident graduate whose minds are well developed and who are intellectually sound in the field of International Relations and Diplomacy.

The study of International Relations  is essentially to understand the dynamics of interactions among the multiple actors in the international system as well as the conduct of peaceful relations in an attempt to realize national interests of actors interacting in the international system. Accordingly, students of the Program are exposed to theories in International Relations and practical subjects that equipped them with the required skills and worldview to function effectively in a globalized world. As a totality of human activities and a distinct field of academic study, International Relations is an all-encompassing discipline that cuts across all human endeavours. Therefore, the Program aims to produce  competent and confident graduates whose minds are well developed and academically sound in this field  of study.  Graduates who can make meaningful contributions to the political and socio-economic development of Nigeria, Africa and indeed the entire world.


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