Emmanuel F. Olasehinde

Senior Lecturer, Physical and Chemical Sciences

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Name OLASEHINDE Emmanuel F. Qualifications PhD. 2006, MSc. 2003, BSc. Ed 1999, NCE. 1993
Job Title Senior Lecturer Email emmanuel.olasehinde@elizadeuniversity.edu.ng
Faculty Basic and Applied Sciences Department Physical and Chemical Sciences
Phone Ext. Email emmanuel.olasehinde@elizadeuniversity.edu.ng
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Title Purification of Nitrate Contaminated Aqueous Solution Using Modified and Unmodified Palmkernel Shell
Authors Adebayo, O.L. Adaramodu, A.A. Ajayi, M.G. Olasehinde, F.E. Oyetunde J.G.
Year 2017
Publisher International Letters of Chemistry, Physics and Astronomy
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Title Application of Fenton reaction for nanomolar determination of hydrogen peroxide in seawater
Authors i. Olasehinde, E. F. ; Makino, S. ; Kondo, H. ; Takeda, K.; Sakugawa H.
Year 2008
Publisher Analytica chimica acta
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Title Development of an analytical method for nitric oxide radical determination in natural waters
Authors Olasehinde, E. F.; Takeda, K.; Sakugawa. H.
Year 2009
Publisher Analytical Chemistry
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Title Leaching kinetics of lead from galena with Acidified Hydrogen Peroxide and Sodium Chloride Solution
Authors Adebayo, A.O and Olasehinde, E.F.
Year 2015
Publisher Mineral processing and extractive metallurgy
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Title Photochemical production and consumption mechanisms of nitric oxide in seawater
Authors Olasehinde, E. F.; Takeda, K.; Sakugawa, H.
Year 2010
Publisher Environmental Science and Technology
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