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Welcome to Department of Automotive Engineering Department


The Automotive Engineering discipline of Elizade University, was established along side Mechanical and Production Engineering in September, 2013. It became a stand-alone department in the year 2018, although it is a new department in which the students are exposed to our well equipped laboratories which include laboratories like Physics, Chemistry, Personal Computer, Material Testing and Stress Analysis, Heat Transfer, Thermodynamics, Fluid Mechanics and Machine Shop. The department was ranked one of the best in the Faculty of Engineering during the 2016 National University Commissions (NUC) visit to the University. However, the department has risen steadily to the top and well known for its professionalism in educating and training talents and developing technologies in the automotive engineering field of study. Graduates of the department can find employment in automotive industry and sub-industry on product development, production, quality control, purchasing, post-purchasing and marketing.


To perform research studies and to educate young engineering candidate equipped with technical “know-how”, creative thinking and being able to try and research new technologies to achieve required goal.

Aim and Objective

The objectives of the Automotive Engineering Department is to prepare engineering candidates for various branches of this industry with an improved self-confidence and individual initiative. Students are educated to have scientific systematic approach in solving engineering problems, sound engineering base, life-long learning habits and research abilities. In addition, the graduates of the Department of Automotive Engineering will have:

  1. A strong foundation in engineering areas relevant to current industry needs to allow them to successfully compete for demanding and high quality jobs.
  2. An ability to apply design procedures as required by the discipline which will allow them to produce resourceful and innovative engineering solutions.
  3. An ability to communicate effectively and to act with social, ethical, and professional responsibility to fulfill their commitment inside and outside the engineering profession.
  4. An ability to use computers as a tool for analysis, design, simulation, and control.
  5. Strong laboratory skills that will allow them to design and conduct experiments with systems and instruments of various complexity in the field.
  6. An understanding of a life-long learning and critical thinking required for entrepreneurship, competitiveness, leadership, and adaptation to new challenges.
  7. An understanding of social, business, industrial, and human aspects as a complement to their engineering background.
What we do

The department of Automotive engineering have long been assuming our obligation to impart knowledge and educate people by sticking to the educational principles of combining theory with practicals, engineering with science, and technology with management, by featuring training practice-oriented research talents with a global perspective and by actively promoting teaching reform and constantly improving the educational environment. In scientific and technological research, we focus on automotive safety, energy efficiency, and environmental protection. With the level of training and impartation on the student, we have no doubt that in the nearest future we should have accomplished many achievements in the area of automotive safety and vehicle structural design, vehicle dynamics and electronic control, vehicle vibration and noise control, electronic control of automotive engine, new power system and electric vehicle, automotive engine combustion and emissions control, e tc.


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