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Welcome to Department of Human Resource Management


Human Resource Management as a course of study in universities is beyond just taking a B.Sc. certificate and going to the labour market to search for job. All over the world, scholars obtain additional certificates along with their Bachelor’s degree and the additional certificates which give the graduates good edge over others who have just the Bachelor’s degree. This curriculum which is broad based is fashioned to prepare HRM graduates of Elizade University for participation in final professional qualifying examinations, which will enable them to become professional HR practitioners who will be able to work in different areas of any organisation. Graduates of this Department will be better equipped as they have broader knowledge and more encompassing courses that will prepare them fully for practice either as consultants or any other forms of HR professional practices. The courses in this curriculum will give the graduates appropriate skills that will equip them for present and future demands and make them successful practitioners.


The philosophy of the programme is to produce skilled manpower, knowledgeable in the effective acquisition and utilization of personnel as well as resolution of industrial conflicts in organisations. Work remains a central feature of human life and societal development. This is to the extent that society depends on the productive activities of those involved in different sectors of the economy for needed goods and services. The underlying philosophy, therefore, is the need to produce experts who understand the complexities involved in work/employment relationship so as to appreciate the contending orientations and attitudes of the parties involved. As such, the programme is designed to provide a standard, broad based and good foundation in human resource management as well as adequately equip the students to build a prospective career and confront challenges of employer-employee relationship. The students after graduation will be better assets to themselves and the different places of employment at the same time, becoming professionals will be easy as the courses would have taken care of required courses for many of the qualifying exams. The internationalization of production systems and work relations make it more compelling for those who are saddled with the responsibility of managing the employment relationship to be well grounded in the contending issues and developments affecting the world of work both nationally and globally.

Aim and Objective
  • To equip students with a better knowledge and information about the practice and management of people at work in Nigeria’s socio-economic system. 
  • To provide students with practical exposure to contemporary issues in the field that will enable them utilize the knowledge gained towards an improved understanding of the interface between the employment relationship and the parties involved.
  • To provide the students with basic analytical skills and field experience necessary for recognizing, defining and solving problems as well as training in decision-making;
  • To prepare the students for career in all sectors of the Nigerian economy and develop leadership and interpersonal relations skills in managing people both nationally and internationally; and 
  • To ensure that undergraduates who want to pursue advanced research and/or become certified professionals in the field of human resource management or related fields are adequately prepared.
What we do

The Department of Human Resource Management of Elizade University, started its academic programme in 2013 as one of the first full fledge Department of Human Resource Management accredited by the National Universities Commission (NUC). Human resources are the most dynamic and complex resource in any organisation and they need to be effectively managed. The department was established to produce experts and professionals who will understand the complexities involved in employment/work relationship and to equip the students to build a prospective career in HRM. As such, the programme is designed to provide a standard, broad based and good foundation in HRM as well as to adequately prepare the students to confront and manage challenges of employer-employee relationship. The curriculum has been designed taking into consideration the latest development in the field of Human Resource Management both in theory and practice. The department signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) with Chartered Institute of Personnel Management of Nigeria (CIPM) in 2018. As a result, graduates of this department are exempted to write only the final stage of CIPM exam and therefore will be inducted as Chartered Personnel Managers.


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