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Welcome to Department of Law

Elizade University is determined not only to disseminate knowledge to its students but also to develop their intellect through its Law programme in such a way that would lead to cutting-edge research activities in all aspects of knowledge generally – economic, political, scientific and technological – to help Nigeria out of the scourge of underdevelopment and place her in the committee of advanced countries.
The Law programme's main focus is to create an environment that encourages intellectual rigour, analytical and critical engagement, and profound ethical standards. The programme will produce law graduates who can globally compete in legal, social, economic, and political developments. The university's Law programme is also designed to produce lawyers readily capable of coping with society's legal needs in light of social, economic, political, cultural, and technological advancements. Graduates of the programme would be able to deliver competently on the expectations of employers and other users of their services in government, legal practice and academics. In this sense, the Law programme has been designed to ensure that Law graduates have a robust general knowledge of the law and a clear understanding of the law's place and importance in society.
Aim and Objective
The LL.B programme in Elizade University, which shall be resident in the Faculty of Law, aims at providing students with a sound foundation of legal knowledge by teaching law in the light of technological, social, political and economic changes. Thus, the programme includes law courses, relevant courses from the humanities and social sciences, and entrepreneurship. The programme is based on the course credit system, which offers students a broad-based and qualitative legal education through the conscious combination of legal and non-legal courses at the teaching, research and community service levels to produce lawyers who have a wide knowledge of the society and environment and are readily able to use the law as a tool for the solution of social, political, economic and cultural problems in the society. Specifically, the aim and objectives of the Elizade University degree programme in law include: To ensure that students are imbued with general knowledge and understanding of the law. Develop in students the intellectual ability to apply research, knowledge and analytical skills to solving theoretical and practical legal problems. To acquaint students with principles of the judicial process and legal systems and their interaction with socio-economic frameworks.
What we do
FACULTY’S LAW CLINIC The faculty has just set up a law clinic in line with the Network of University Legal Aid Institutions (NULAI). Historically, Law Clinic's birth arose due to the observed declining standard of legal education and the country's poor quality. This led to the call for a paradigm shift in how law students are being trained both at the universities and the law school. A Curriculum reform was effected to make the law programme more skills-based and depart from theoretical exercises to practical learning processes. Engaging in clinical legal education, therefore, aims at bridging the gap between theory and practice. Elizade, a university situated very close to the city of Akure, the capital of Ondo State, no doubt, occupies an advantageous position to further the observance of social justice as the society under-privileged in the community will have access to adequate legal representation apart from making law students sensitive to the concerns of marginalised groups in the society. Faculty of Law Elizade University, Law Clinic hosted the 2018 Africa Clinical Legal Education Colloquium. The faculty has also engaged in a few community services. The Law Clinical Education will, among other things, provide hands-on experience to law students on how to conduct fact-finding investigations, interviews, counselling, legal research and drafting skills. It will provide opportunities for students to examine the impact of law doctrines in real-life situations and provide a laboratory where students and faculty study particular areas of law. The Law Clinic is situated within the Faculty of Law complex, and it forms part of the faculty's teaching resources.


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