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You are welcome to the Performing and Film Arts Department of the Elizade University, which commenced in October 2013. Here, we run three and four year programmes based on the concept of the total theatre. Emphasis is laid on developing and producing an all-round academically sound and professionally oriented Performing Arts practitioners. They are versed in all the cogent aspects of theatrical productions: acting, music, dance, speech/communication arts, as well as film production. The curriculum is designed to give our students the necessary theoretical base in all the aspects of the theatre and film production. We expect them to choose an area of specialization in their third year. Practical opportunities are also embedded in the curriculum to ensure that students can practice in any of the performing art industries. To achieve this feat, the department boasts of modern high tech facilities such as Sound/Recording Room, Radio and TV Studios, Film Editing Suite, a standard Dance Studio, and Critique and Viewing Centre with all the necessary hardware and software, as well as a Performing and Film Theatre. To complement these facilities we are also blessed with seasoned scholars, who are specialists and practitioners in their respective areas of specialization. We are always available to steer the students in the right direction through mentoring.


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