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Welcome to Department of Mechanical Engineering Department

Aim and Objective
The objectives of the programme is to produce graduate Engineers; (i) with broad based knowledge of mechanical engineering, and in-depth knowledge of its specialties (options selected by the student); (ii) that can apply scientific principles to the design and maintenance of mechanical devices; (iii) that are socially, morally and legally responsible and; (iv) who are creative and innovative, and can readily develop their entrepreneurship skills and technical competence to be self-employed in consultancy, manufacturing or service industry (v) that are sufficiently practical oriented to be self-employed.
What we do
In the Mechanical Engineering programme, students are trained for the award of B. Eng. Degree. The teaching and research are based on sound academic foundation as well as practical orientation that will be sufficient to make them employable in the Industries. The philosophy of the programme is to produce graduate that combine sound theoretical background with practical skills to enable them take up challenging positions in the mechanical and manufacturing industries, public service and the academia directly and also to reach a level of practical sufficiency that would enable them to be self-employed.


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